Information about the ARTAS Procedure

The ARTAS hair transplant system is an industry-recognized advancement in robotic hair transplant. The  procedure of robotic hair transplant is anticipated to become more affordable, accessible, and less painful for patients. The goal of  this  procedure is to transplant hair follicles from thicker sections of the hair into balding areas to stimulate growth. The ARTAS procedure leaves patients with less recovery time due to the minimally invasive technique. Most hair-restorations surgeons will not perform individual follicular unit extraction techniques due to the prolonged follicular unit extraction time and fatigue. The ARTAS hair transplant system eliminates the common trend in the hair restoration industry of removing a scalp strip and removing individual hair follicles under a microscope. Patients reap the greatest benefits, minimal pain, and virtually no downtime after this hair transplant system.

The hair transplant physician encourages the patient to trim their hair to optimize digital scanning. The physician will apply a local anesthetic agent to the scalp to make a virtually painless procedure. Next, a skin tensioner is applied to the scalp to maximize the benefits of ARTAS system digital scanning. The  system initiates digital scanning over the patient’s scalp to identify the natural groupings of hair follicles. The ARTAS system begins the follicular unit extraction technique under the physician’s guidance. The physician determines the amount of follicular units needed to complete the hair transplant. The follicular unit extraction is performed until enough hair has been collected. Each FUE hair transplant graft is carefully transplanted into various areas of the scalp. The grafts will grow as permanent hair leading to a significant amount of new hair growth and a fuller head of hair. Patients observe a substantial improvement and new hair growth approximately six months after the ARTAS robotic hair transplant procedure. After nine months, patients experience a permanent change in their previous hair condition. The success of this robotic hair transplant procedure and the short nine month post-treatment growth and transformation period are well worth the time and investment. Read more about The ARTAS Procedure.

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